Hardwick Software History

Hardwick Software is owned by Susan and Joe Wood of Greensboro, VT. In 2002, PC Assistant LLC was formed and has been in continuous operation ever since. As the business grew, we began doing business under the name “Hardwick Software” to more accurately reflect the nature of the business.

Hardwick Software provides custom database driven web applications tailored to specific client needs. Tools and products developed by Hardwick Software include a generalized data management software kernel called Hardwick Software Kernel, two student educational service management systems called AELIS and Data Works, an order and inventory management system, a time card management system, and a community calendar serving the Hardwick area.

Hardwick Software takes pride in the long-term relationships developed with its clients. We work closely together with the clients to understand their specific needs and unique requirements. We then apply that knowledge to the development of custom tools that meet their unique requirements. We put into practice the philosophy that the client’s specific needs drive the software design.

Since 2004, Hardwick Software has been the sole provider of the Vermont Adult Education and Learning (VTAEL) data management system for the state Agency of Education.

Hardwick Software first became involved in this area in response to a VTAEL request to create a single system based on 4 existing adult education data management systems developed independently by 3 of the primary service providers of adult education and a system developed by VTAEL. By working closely with VTAEL and the providers we created a single system that successfully merged the diverse databases while satisfying the differing needs of the providers and preserving all the historical data.

In 2012, based on perceived market needs, Hardwick Software developed the Hardwick Software kernel (HSK) designed for general case management information and reporting needs. The HSK proprietary tool is a core data management software system designed for case management programs or systems. HSK allows users to securely access their system from any modern web browser on nearly any platform. HSK follows current HTML5 and CSS3 standards. HSK provides fine-grained security controls, notification of key events, the capability to have real-time ‘at a glance’ snapshots, data locking and data tracking. And finally, the HSK proprietary architecture was created specifically to ease the development needed to meet continuously changing customer requirements. A design concept that has been proven as by our fielded systems.

The Adult Education and Literacy Information System (AELIS) was built using the HSK. This is a general-purpose product designed with customization in mind. AELIS meets all of the federal government adult education data collection and reporting requirements. The core design is easily modified and added to for unique state requirements.

In late 2014, a customized version of AELIS called DataWorks was released to VTAEL. DataWorks meets the specific data management requirements for the State of Vermont Adult Education and Literacy program including the High School Completion Program (HSCP). This release has been received with enthusiasm for its ease-of-use, intuitive interface and quick access to information in the system. This system serves the needs of instructors, student counselors and program managers.

DataWorks is used by the four primary service providers in Vermont and several sub-contracted service providers as well as the Vermont Agency of Education on a daily basis to input student demographics and service records, track student progress and produce reports to comply with grant funders and legislative requirements (both state and federal) and internal VTAEL and primary provider’s internal management needs. The system has approximately 250 users throughout the state dealing with about 2500 active students. Currently there are more than 50,000 student demographic records and nearly one million student service records in the system.

Since 2008, Hardwick Software has also been the provider and maintainer of a unique, customized order and inventory management system for a local online product producer and retail vendor. This system provides a single coherent data management system covering all phases of the vendor’s retail business including consolidated data management for customer information and orders, production, inventory and product delivery.

In 2003, Hardwick Software created the Hardwick Area Community Calendar. This calendar is used by eight towns in the area and provides a direct connection to the local television station for broadcast of upcoming events. Some of the towns include a link to the calendar for display on their own websites. The Community Calendar also maintains an email list that automatically sends messages to subscribers with information about upcoming events. This project was developed as a public service effort in support of the Heart of Vermont Chamber of Commerce.

Susan Wood – owner and primary software architect.

Hardwick Software was started in 2002 and has been growing steadily. Forty years of experience that includes work on the Hubble Space Telescope project, a variety of secure military communication systems including encryption, and a patent for an algorithm used in digital communications. Serves on the local Selectboard and enjoys playing bridge, snowshoeing, golf and reading.

Joe Wood – owner and business manager.

Retired Executive Vice President of Research & Development Engineering. More than 35 years of experience that includes development of secure communications systems for the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense. Graduate of the MIT Sloane School of Business. Serves on the board of the Northern Counties Health Center and enjoys playing golf, reading, exploring the woods and bridge.

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